Portable Crystal Grid / CAConrad

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Image of Portable Crystal Grid / CAConrad Image of Portable Crystal Grid / CAConrad Image of Portable Crystal Grid / CAConrad Image of Portable Crystal Grid / CAConrad Image of Portable Crystal Grid / CAConrad
This project is part of Container's Multitudes series, which invites writers and artists to transform the same object into works of visual and literary art. In this series, participants were invited to interpret a vintage metal lunchbox. Proceeds from the sale of these items are split equally between Container and the artist.


As soon as the lunchbox arrived I understood it was to be a portable crystal grid. I have a very large grid made of crystals collected as gifts, etc., from over thirty years and this grid has been a healing device for myself and friends. The lunchbox is the perfect size for a compact grid. The amethyst enhances your creative capacities. The rose quartz opens the heart chakra. The carnelian is an empowerment stone, motivating us to span the distance between where we are and what we want to achieve.


The base of the grid is planed oak that I coated in an ochre stain to give a solid, grounding place for the crystals, as well as to help contain their energies. The crystals were mounted with a clear industrial adhesive with the amethyst, rose quartz and carnelian on the east and west edges of the grid, and small clear quartz chards directing their frequencies to the center clear quartz stone. That center stone then holds the transmissions of the other crystals. There are also pieces of amethyst, rose quartz and carnelian inside the thermos to infuse drinking water to compound the grid experience with having an internal charge as well as the external from the grid itself. The copper bracelet is a conducting device which helps direct the grid's energy into your body. The bracelet is kept around a small pillow (sock with pillow stuffing) which has a rectangular chunk of selenite crystal inside it. Selenite's job is to constantly clean the grid, keeping the energy source of the crystals clear and viable for use.


I dedicate the crystal grid to the artist Jason Dodge. There is no other visual artist in my lifetime (maybe ever?) who has been as generous to poets. Also, Dodge uses crystals quite often in his work. He's remarkable!


Photo by Andrej Vasilenko

CAConrad is the author of 9 books of poetry and essays and the latest is titled While Standing In Line For Death from Wave Books (2017). He is a Pew Fellow and has also received fellowships from Lannan Foundation, MacDowell Colony, Headlands Center for the Arts, Banff, RADAR, Flying Ojbect and Ucross. For his books, essays, and details on the documentary The Book of Conrad (from Delinquent Films 2016), please visit