The Fall / Johnny Damm

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This project is part of Container's Multitudes series, which invites writers and artists to transform the same object into works of visual and literary art. In this series, participants were invited to interpret a vintage metal lunchbox. Proceeds from the sale of these objects are split equally between Container and the artist.


There appears today a consensus that the USA has entered an era of apocalyptic decline, that “The Fall” is finally upon us.

I am suspicious of this thinking.

From the moment a European stepped onto this continent, from the moment one “American” enslaved another, we have remained falling. Rather than a new creation, our current president is a very old one. Rather than speak his name, I call our president “Manifest Destiny.” Our destiny is perpetual fall.

There is no single “Last Judgement.” There are no end days. There is only today. Today is everyday. So, today we get to work.


Paint, glue, lacquer, and a copy of Albert Camus' The Fall


Johnny Damm is the author of The Science of Things Familiar (The Operating System, 2017), a blend of essay/comics/poetics described by Publisher's Weekly as "sophisticated and delightfully bizarre" (starred review). His work has also appeared in three chapbooks, including Your Favorite Song (Battle Stories) (Essay Press 2016), and in journals including Poetry, DIAGRAM, The Rumpus, Drunken Boat, and elsewhere.

He teaches at San Jose State University and serves as editor-in-chief of A Bad Penny Review and Opo Books & Objects. See more of his work at